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Texas Instruments



IEEE Technology & Society

Frontiers Open Access Publisher

The Innovation Habit

U.S. Dept. of Education

Nova Southeastern University

Houston Indep School Dist

Spring Branch Indep School Dist

"Gisele is an accomplished researcher and writer (communicator) with depth in both qualitative and quantitative approaches to understanding business, market, customer, and organizational needs. She is fully capable of leading a diverse design and/or development team through the human-centered process of understanding, particularly when the focus is on surfacing new value for the end-user. I was particularly impressed with her ability to quickly become conversant in specific areas of healthcare delivery and in organizational design. I look forward to working with her in the future."  - Beto Lopez, Co-Founder Design Run Group LLC

"Gisele is the best investment I've made in my entire organization. Having the benefit of her unique insights helped give granular fidelity to our strategic data plan, which ultimately saved a lot of time, money, and effort. She would be a very valuable asset to any organization considering the minefield of data science, strategy, globalization, validation, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.  You would do well to talk to Gisele BEFORE you invest in your process....or walk the minefield without a data Jedi and learn the hard way."  - Aleida Lanza, CEO Goalifai

"Gisele possesses the kind of energy needed to move ideas forward and I have appreciated every conversation and interaction with her. I recommend any group looking to properly scope an Ai initiative in a sensitive domain to avail themselves of her careful, thoughtful, and enthusiastic presence." - David 'Gonzo' Gonzales, CEO/CTO

“Gisele dissects and defines science-tech-industry gaps and provides solutions for industry and society. She has a unique 'global' perspective that makes the world better.” - John Nosta, NostaLab

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