Exploring User Point of View
An Independent Perspective

Globally, thousands of maturity & developmental frameworks exist on the business operations (Ops) of user experience from the organization's perspective.....

BUT they describe the business of UX from the Ops point of view (POV) not from the USER POV. The majority describe business components in the stages towards organizational maturity in UX operations. We present the USER POV on how users "experience" UX operations in 5 different stages of maturity. User interviews & focus group moderations inspired the different animal abstractions in 5 stages. 

INCREASING individual and group CREATIVITY 

Here are a few different ways to nudge creativity in your people.  


Pick an issue, problem, subject to discuss and use the synectic exercises below to brainstorm and encourage creativity.  

If you need help on how to begin, implement and use the data derived from these exercises, contact us!  We would love to help. 

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